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Secret Spa Formulations from The Royal Families of Bali







- our organic spa products -


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Sito Organic Spa Products formulations blend thousands of years of traditional knowledge, with modern production standards and techniques, creating a line of highly effective, all natural products that absolutely vibrate with the intensity of vitality and healing energies.


Whether you are an experienced professional in the organization and delivery of spa products and services or simply an informed and discerning consumer, I trust that you will immediately recognize the quality of these products and the benefits they can bring to you personally and anyone you share them with.


All Sito Organic Spa Products are fully researched, developed, tested, quality controlled and produced in our laboratory and production facilities here in Bali. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality, reliable supplies and affordable pricing.


If you have questions or wish any further information on Sito Organic Spa Products, please feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to serving you.






- who are using our products -

  • Alam Puisi Villa & Spa
  • Arma Hotel
  • Bali Brasco Hotel & Spa
  • Bali Purnati Hotel
  • Bebek Tepi Sawah Villa
  • Bisma Eight (8) Hotel
  • Campuhan Hotel
  • Funny Monkey Spa
  • Ibah Hotel
  • Kamania Villa
  • Kamping Villa ( Bulakan Spa )
  • Karsa Spa
  • Kirana Spa
  • Komaneka Hotel
  • Komaneka Rasa Sayang
  • Komaneka Tangga Yuda
  • Lexinton Hotel
  • Spa at Maya
  • Parigata Hotel
  • Pitamaha Hotel
  • Putri Bali Spa
  • Sang Spa
  • Sunset Hill Villa
  • The Bresess Hotel & Spa
  • The Kayma Spa
  • The Royal Pitamaha Hotel
  • The Sirih Spa
  • Wakamaya Hotel
  • Wulandari Hotel
  • Ubud Village
  • Kahyangan Spa
  • Motama Villa
  • Dwaraka Hotel



Cokorda Istri Ratih Iryani
Founder and Owner of Sito Organic Spa Products
Nurtured in the traditions, values and spirituality of Balinese culture, Princess Cok Ratih became an accomplished dancer at an early age. After winning many island-wide competitions, she received international recognition and awards performing traditional Balinese dance around the world.


“As a little girl, I grew up in the palace of my grandfather, the last king of Peliatan, giving offerings, prayers and thanks to our forefathers and mothers. I was raised to honor, respect and preserve our traditional Balinese values and way of life as well as the wisdom of our spiritual philosophy.


This is the heart and soul of Bali.



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